Thank you for visiting my website! This is my trip to Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Day(1) Departed from Golden Mile Tower at 10.20pm to Cameron Highlands via Tuas Checkpoint. We need to change another bus at Malaysia custom to proceed our journey and departed around 11.40pm. One hour later, the driver stopped to rest for 1/2 hrs at Yong Peng for us to have some food and went toilet. We left about 1am and reach the foot of the cameron highlands around 5.30am for driver to pump petrol before we proceed up. We reach Hotel Rosa Passadena around 7.30am but only can check in 12.30pm the earliest. So we decided to go for our breakfast first at nearby shop.

Day(2) After our breakfast, we are going for our country tour - BOH tea plantation, Rose Garden, Strawberry Farm, Butterfly Farm and Sam Poh Temple.

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